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We’ll find your locations, permit the shoot, house the production, feed the crew, staff the ambulance, and even walk the dog. All you have to do is ask.

Film NW

I have had the pleasure of working with TeriLee and she is an organized, resourceful, creative, ball of energy, who has opened doors with people where others have failed.

–Ed Asner,  Grant Works Productions

Film NW

TeriLee has approached every task with an enthusiasm not equaled by many others. Her desire to fulfill the assignment and do it in a pleasant manner is truly rare.

–Kokayi Ampah,  Producer

Film NW

Since DEXTER I have hired TL on several more shows with always the same results. Those results were me not having to worry about the work getting done and I could go on with my job.

–Terry Gusto,  LMGI 399

Film NW

For approximately 10 years TeriLee has been instrumental in helping to produce locations and information needed to accomplish our filming goals.

–Gregory Tapscott, KALM 399

Film NW

With her experience and win-win negotiation skills, TL is the first call I make when scouting the Northwest Territories.

–Eric Wiler,  Producer


The Pacific Northwest offers primordial locations with space-age connectivity powered by fresh-cooked comfort food.


Antique ray guns, obsolete technology, stone-age weapons, hand to hand combatants, tell us the single thing you need and we will give you two choices.


Modern city amenities with vintage backdrops lit by the best (5500K) natural light. Ask us to adjust the weather for your shoot.


Coordination with local law enforcement and when appropriate, private firms for the security of your project.


Tech and technicians? Give us your list, we will provide you with choice options.


Portable kitchens to portable latrines and we’ll do almost all of the paperwork!


From on-call medical staff to on-site proctology exams. We’ve got your back!

TL and I have worked on Dexter and The Brink together. She has a great understanding of how to find a location that works for the show as well as be able to work that location once it’s picked by the Director.
Jason Kaplon

Location Manager, How to Get Away With Murder

“Get it done, but get it done right.”  TL raises professionalism and work ethic to a new level. Whether serving as department head or crew, I consider TeriLee one of the best in the business.
Stephen E Kardell

Location Manager, Downsizing



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